When you think of Williams Cleaners, your first thought is most likely “dry-cleaning.” Makes sense – it’s right there in our name. And you’d be fair to do so, as we’ve been helping keep clothes looking great in Lincoln for decades.

But we’ve got a few more tricks up our freshly-cleaned sleeves than you may expect. Today, we’ll take a look at all the services you can get through Williams Cleaners. We’re sure there will be a few on here that surprise you!

Winter Clothes Storage

Do you live in the Arctic Circle? Chances are, you don’t (we don’t have any branches up there quite yet!). That means for the greater part of the year, your big bulky winter clothes are taking up space and keeping only themselves warm. We can help with that. We offer seasonal storage for winter clothing, so you can save some room in your closet until the snow starts falling again.

Leather and Fur Cleaning

Are you the sleek type to wear leathers and furs? We admire your style, and we get that you want to take care of your nice clothing in between red carpet appearances. We partner up with Don’s Leather Cleaner out of Minneapolis to service leathers, furs and suedes. Orders are picked up every other week, and of course, we offer delivery.

Citywide Pick Up and Drop Off

Look, we get it. It’s hot out, and you’re invested in the Harry Potter movie marathon running on TV. We’ll let you be lazy! We do citywide garment pick up and drop off east of 48th St. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and west of 48th on Mondays and Thursdays! That’s right, you only have to walk from the couch to the front door to get your clothes looking amazing. You can’t beat that!

Band Uniforms

Marching band uniforms are their own breed of clothing. Sweat stains from long days in the sun plus stiff material can be a messy combo, but we’ve got you covered. We’ll get those uniforms cleaned up in time for your next performance.

Church Choir Robe Cleaning

Does your church choir need help keeping their robes looking great each week? Williams Cleaners has decades of experience working with robes, taking the stress off you to keep things clean, and giving you more time to work on harmonies!

Hanger Recycling

It never seems like you have the right number of hangers. Either you only have, like, 4, or you own seemingly half the world’s supply of hangers. If you’re in the latter camp and have no use for the hangers included with your dry cleaning, feel free to give them back to us! We can recycle them and help keep everyone’s carbon footprint down.

Fire Restoration

When a fire happens at home, there are a million things to deal with. The last thing on your mind is dealing with the damage caused to your clothes. Fire restoration companies ServPro and All Care process orders through Williams Cleaners, where we help restore clothes, drapes, toys, bedding, towels, leathers and more. We also have an Ozone machine built to remove smoke and mold smell from your items.

If any of these services could help you out, give us a call or stop into any of our locations!