We all know that dry cleaning is “better” for you clothes when compared to at-home machine washing. But why? Read on to find out what exactly we mean when we say that dry cleaning keeps your clothes fresher for longer. This is the Williams Cleaners guide to a few ways dry cleaning extends the life of your clothes.

No Pills, No Frills (but especially dry clean those frills)

Dry cleaning is a “soft washing process.” This means that the rotation of dry cleaning machines’ drums is much slower, milder, and gentler than the agitator you’ll find in your washer at home. Because of the delicate power of dry cleaning solvents, they don’t have to be!

What this means for you is a cleaning process that doesn’t pull, scratch, rub, or “pill” your favorite clothes. And this lack of totally avoidable wear-and-tear just means peace of mind for you, and potential years added onto the life of your wardrobe.

If your clothes have a lot of studs, sequins, or lacy frills – you definitely want to leave the job to the professional dry cleaners. Those ornamental trappings look great, but their fabric binding can be incredibly flimsy when it comes to harsh cleanings.

Color Maintenance

We’ve all seen it before. That scene on TV or on the movie screen: some guy unwittingly lets a red sock slip into his washer full of white shirts and BOOM. He opens the laundromat door to find his whole workwear wardrobe is turned a tasteful pastel pink. Why do our clothes colors tend to run?

It’s because the fibers and the dyes in our clothes really tend to loosen up when the temperature rises. Hot water loosens fibers, and that releases the dyes trapped inside the microscopic weaves of the fibers. And if you think washing in cold water is safer for colors – you’d be right. Cold water contracts the fibers and that helps keeps the dye particles more contained.

However, the wash isn’t the only place your clothes are going to run into heat. If you’re washing in cold and then throwing those items in the dryer, you’re still running the same risk. Even if you air dry your clothes (the safest way to do it) and think you’re safe, you’re still forgetting one pesky culprit – friction. You can rub color off as easily as you can broil it out. So don’t risk it. If you’re worried weather one of your favorite items of clothing is going to run into issues of color fastness. Forget the running, rubbing, or fading. Professional dry cleaning should make your worries fade away, not your colors.


You’ve got a new sweater. You found a scarlet & cream Huskers letterman sweater that was hand-sewn before you were born – and just in time the tailgate…you’ve spilled your no-cream coffee right all over the front. It happens to everyone. Well, almost everyone. The sweater has lasted this long; do you test fate by treating it at home?

Example #2: you’ve bought that brand new “something special” for you or your special someone to slip into, but on the way home from the department store, that food-court smoothie slips out of your hand and into your shopping bags.

Natural fibers like silk, cotton, wool, and even linens are all prone to shrinking when subjected to the harsh conditions of in-home washing. Delicate clothes, too. Dry cleaning’s soft-washing properties, however, don’t turn up the friction that causes those fibers to tighten up like they will with abrasive home solutions Dry cleaning is always the right choice when you want to take a stance against the dreaded shrink – and keeps you ready to cheer on the home-team in style.


And those are just a few ways the professional dry cleaners at Williams Cleaners helps protect your clothes and save you money in the long run. Of course, if you ever have any questions about dry cleaning or which items should go to us, just stop in! We’re always happy to set (and steam-press) things straight.