Let’s talk about the butterfly effect.

A butterfly flaps its wings in Cairo, Egypt. Weeks later, a tornado forms in Kansas. The butterfly
effect theory suggests the first event caused the second.

Now, we’re not here to say that a butterfly can cause a tornado. What we can say, though, is
that changes in clothing trends also shape what we do at Williams. That’s the topic of today’s
blog: we’ll dig into how fashion affects the world of dry cleaning!

As a whole, we’re using dry cleaning less than we used to. Some of this might be attributed to
the changing of clothing expectations in the office. Traditionally, office work attire has been suits
and ties, with the exception being “Casual Fridays” – if you were lucky enough to work
somewhere that enacted this rule.

But the times are changing. Many offices have begun to prioritize comfort over tradition, leading
to “Casual Friday” becoming “Casual Everyday.” Many offices match their attire to that of their
clientele, meaning the garments coming to dry cleaners like Williams are more varied than they
used to be. Luckily, our tradition of hard work and expertise pays off in instances like this, so if
you’ve gone from suit jackets to cardigans, we can steam, press, and finish your clothing,
leaving you with outfits looking so good, you’ll hesitate to call them “casual.”

Consider, too, how common athletic wear has become. Go to any college campus and you’ll
see tons of students wearing leggings, hoodies, and endless other items made of athletic
material, or ‘athleisure,’ if you will. This style seemingly becomes more popular by the day, but
not everyone realizes athletic clothing is a perfect candidate for dry cleaning!

We treat basketball shorts with the same care we treat wedding gowns, and our treatment process lets
your clothes get impeccable without shrinking. You’ll turn heads on the court, no doubt.

One final, timely example – fall clothing! This time of year brings with it jackets and coats galore,
and while the label may simply read wash and dry, Williams can do much more, including
pre-treating those pesky stains and scrubbing the cuffs and collars.

The big takeaway here is regardless of what the butterflies are up to, we’re ready. Fashion will
always change, sometimes for the better, other times not as much, but quality dry cleaning is
timeless. So whether you’re wearing a suit, sweater, polo or anything in between, Williams
Cleaners is here for you.