Clean Clothes, Clean Environment

Discover the benefits of our green cleaning process.

Why choose green cleaning?

Williams Cleaners strives to provide top-quality cleaning for our customers while also protecting the environment. That’s why we’re proud to be Lincoln’s first and only GreenEarth® cleaner.

Protecting the environment

The GreenEarth process works without hazardous chemicals. It cleans with pure liquid silicone—in essence, liquefied sand—the same gentle, natural product used in many everyday shampoos, lotions, and deodorants. In the environment, it turns back to sand and trace amounts of water and carbon dioxide, so there is nothing to dirty the air, contaminate the soil, or pollute the water.

Protecting your clothes

GreenEarth’s unique cleaning system loosens and removes soil particulate from fabrics without degrading or damaging textile fibers. Fabrics are cleaner and will last longer. And because the system works without the use of chemicals, your clothes won’t be left with harsh odors.

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